About Us

Who Are We?

3D BiteLab is striving to remove the barrier to entry for dentists interested in implementing an in house 3D printing dental lab. Our goal is to increase well-being through digital dentistry globally by making same day dentistry the norm while lowering the cost considerably and improving prosthetic quality standards enormously.

We are making it easier than ever to break into Digital Dentistry/3D Printing and working with people around the world to open in house 3D printing labs, design learning centers and dental schools.

We are also developing an ongoing effort to create new digital prosthetic design workflows, biocompatible polymer resins as well as the equipment needed to post process and finish the printed devices.

We are excited to get more people and companies to share in our vision of improved healthcare we can provide throughout the world with this amazing budding technology.

In February 2023, 3D BiteLab’s cofounders embarked on a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal and this is their story… We spent the majority of our time at the Dhulikhel Dental School and Hospital, which is about an hour outside of Kathmandu and serves more remote areas of Nepal where access to care can be very difficult. Our goal there was to get people excited about this amazing new technology and teach the same day digital denture workflow. Normally, a typical denture case takes over a month and around 6 visits, but now we can create and deliver a denture in just one day. We were able to accomplish that and so much more. During our trip we planned and printed surgical guides, placed single implants and 3D printed an immediate load shortened anterior screw retained temporary crown.

We were amazed by how quickly the staff there learned and embraced the digital workflow and we can’t wait to see what they will accomplish with their new Ackuretta Sol 3D Printer, Medit 500 intraoral scanner and post processing equipment.

We are really just scratching the surface of what is possible here. Digital dentistry is allowing the world to become totally connected and helping to level the quality of care provided around the world. We could not be more excited for the industry’s future. This trip has 100% reinforced our mission to increase well being through digital dentistry and we are humbled, honored and proud to have had the opportunity to work with such incredibly talented and kind people during our trip!

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